Journal mission

iNNOVATION seeks to publish high quality innovative work carrying a potential to transform our life and life style. We strongly believe that innovation has no boundary and all innovations are shared by the same ultimate objectives -- transformation. Our mission is to provide a framework which can facilitate the maturation of naïve idea as well as upgradation of matured system.
Journal philosophy

Innovation should be judge by its implementability, usefulness and sustainability. Approach/skillset used is of very little importance to rate a innovation.

What we do

We provide a platform to researchers/engineers/industrialist as well as to non-professional innovative minds to publish their work so that they can claim the authorship of the work. Publishing of idea also facilitate further work on that idea thereby avoiding death of the idea. We also provide support at different level including scientific and language to make sure that the published work carry a scientific value.

Salient features
KPG strongly believes that reviewers' contribution is very important in helping authors in identifying potential areas of manuscript improvement. Therefore, after blind review, all accepted papers list the name of reviewers and provide access to review reports. This makes the complete review process more transparent and helps us in giving the due credits to the reviewers.

All published papers will be available to readers without subscription.

Vision, Mission and Values Statement of KPG
Vision Statement

Knowledge Publishing Group seeks to become both a source and an engine of leading scientific discoveries and technological advancements.

Mission Statement

To support and to give voice to scientific discoveries and innovation.

Values Statement

KPG's Core Values are:

1. Encourage multidisciplinarity approach.
2. Support fusion of science and innovation.
3. Give voice to novel ideas.
4. Rediscover the lost knowledge.